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Valéry Paul Guichon was born in Annecy, France in 1964. He spends his childhood between France and Switzerland. Raised by his single mother, he starts drawing and painting. Very young, he leaves home to study the art of cooking at a boarding school. There, he feels complete: very talented thanks to his creativity and hard work, he graduates being major of his promotion.
He starts his career as a Chef in Lausanne, Switzerland. He then moves to Cannes, Paris and Los Angeles.
Traveling so much inspires him and he feels like a needs to paint more. He wants to communicate with others, share his view of the craziness that is life, with its dark and bright sides.


Valéry Paul let the spectator the possibility to appreciate the beauty of a single art piece broken in several pieces.

The topics he enjoys sharing are the joy of life, using bright colors as well as the darkness of humanity, more obscure and dark.


Very conscious about environment, Valéry Paul builds his own canvas, carefully choosing his tools and using recycled materials. He takes time and care to make them while he thinks about his next project.


Valéry Paul currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, a city full of eccentricity that gives him even more ideas for his already overflowing creativity.

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